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In 1976, the Greek toy company Lyra obtained the rights from the German company Geobra  for the exclusive manufacture and exploitation of Playmobil in Greece. It manufactured sets which were exact replicas of the respective German (four digit serial numbers like 3325, 3560 e.t.c), or were sets manufactured by Lyra especially for the Greek market, and not released in Germany, containing the letter L in their serial number. It also issued an exclusive line with the distinctive sign 'NEW' on the packaging with good quality color prints, as well as sets in buckets and a number of  puzzles. Found on earlier packages is writing in Arabic that indicates Lyraís intention to promote its products to Arab countries as well.  Some rare sets were released in the mid 1980ís in red packaging, not as Playmobil but as Playlyra, perhaps in an attempt by Lyra to disaffiliate from the German Playmobil.
   Lyra stopped the manufacture of Playmobil toys sometime in the middle of 1986. Their production in Greece did not exactly follow the dates of the respective German ones and it is for this reason that they herein listed not in chronological order but depending on the type of each set. Lyraís Playmobil products were of excellent quality, comparable to the German and particularly popular with Greek children in the 80ís!








                first series                 'new' series  

                         Single figures




                         first series                   'new' series  

                                     With two figures




                       first series                                           'new' series 

                                           Small sets




            first series                                                'new' series

                                    Big sets






                                 first series                                                                             'new' series

                                                               Very big  sets 



                     'new' series

                    In  buckets     



                    first series                                  'new' series  

                                      Playmobil Vehicles








               Playmo Space






                                         Playmobil Color